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Every Body Massage Therapy

Massage for Everyone

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Every Body Massage Therapy

Massage for Everyone

Frequently asked questions


What will happen on my first visit?

If it is your first visit, extra time will be scheduled to your appointment to carry out a free consultation. This involves completion of a short form and health questionnaire, including details of any current medications. This will ensure that it is safe for you to receive massage. You will also be asked to sign the form to give your consent to massage.


This consultation time also gives you the chance to say what you would like to achieve from the therapy and to ask any questions that you may have. You will not need to complete the form on subsequent appointments however I will ask you if anything has changed since your last visit.

Will I need to remove clothing?

You will only be asked to remove clothing that is appropriate for the massage - for example a back massage to remove your top but not your trousers/skirt. You will never be asked you to remove your underwear however for a back massage it is preferable if ladies remove their bra.


 If you would prefer not to undress to underwear, a vest top is perfect for hand and arm massage and also Indian Head (straps can go under the armpits). Skirts or loose fitting trousers that can be rolled can be worn for leg and foot massage. It is possible to receive back neck and shoulder massage over light or thin clothing. The most important thing is that this is your treatment and that you are comfortable and able to relax to get the most out of it.

Will you be in the room when I undress?

No. Your dignity will be respected at all times and I will leave the room to allow you to undress and get comfy under the towels. The towels will keep you warm and covered - only the area of your body that is being worked on will be exposed. After the treatment I will leave the room again to allow you to dress with privacy.

Are treatment times including the times it takes to undress / dress?

No. Treatment times start from when your massage begins. Time is factored in between client appointments to take into account initial consultations, dress / undress times and turnaround of the treatment room. You will always receive your treatment for the time stated or more

How will I feel after the massage?

After massage the body will begin to rid itself of toxins and to bring itself back into balance. This is called the healing reaction. During this process you may experience some temporary side effects including headache, muscle ache for 24-48 hours, increased urination, deeper sleep or feeling tearful or emotional.


In order to minimise any side effects you will be advised for 48 hours to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine, rest if you feel tired and enjoy the relaxation effects of massage. You will be given aftercare advice to take home with you but please call if you are concerned about anything.

When can't I have a massage?

You will not be able to have a massage if you currently have any contagious disease including, but not limited to: flu, cold, shingles, measles, chicken pox, gastro-enteritis, impetigo or any signs of infection or fever. You will not be able to have a massage if you have been drinking alcohol or if you are in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Some conditions may require you to seek permission from your doctor before massage can be given such as taking anti-coagulant (blood thinning) medications, angina, heart failure, uncontrolled (unmedicated) high or low blood pressure or if you are currently undergoing any investigative tests. This will all be covered in your consultation however if you are in any doubt at all please check with your doctor.

How often can I have a massage?

It really depends on the individual and what you want to get out of massage treatments. However I recommend leaving 5 days between massages to allow your body to get back to balance.

Is there an age limit for massage?

Under 16 year olds must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If you have any other questions relating to therapy, location, massage or me, however small, please get in touch and I will be happy to help

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