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Swedish massage

Swedish massage tailored to your needs that can help

Improve circulation

Reduce muscle tension

Boost the immune system

Reduce pain


Reduce anxiety and stress 

Improve sleep

Menopausal symptoms


Back, neck & shoulders

30 minutes £27

Full body

1 hour £40

Indian head massage

This seated massage uses techniques originating in India 4000 years ago. Incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, the massage starts with an upper back, neck and shoulder massage before relieving deep-seated tension in the head and scalp



50 minutes £32

eastern face massage

Eastern face massage

This face massage combines very gentle lymphatic drainage massage and acupressure


Regular massage can help the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, help alleviate sinus problems, headaches and other stress-related symptoms


As a super-relaxing massage, it is fantastic for sleep problems



45 minutes £28

Hot stone therapy

Hot Stone Massage

A back, neck & shoulders massage using heated basalt stones as an extension of the therapist's hands


Used with a warming Neal's Yard Therapies organic aromatherapy oil, the direct heat of the stones on the back encourages smooth muscle to relax - a deeply soothing massage that will help tired, aching and tense muscles to release. Just like being in a warm bath! 

 45 minutes £35

Holistic facials


A massage experience that will leave you with a radiant complexion and feeling completely relaxed.
Your skin will be double-cleansed and exfoliated before an uplifting facial massage. While you relax with a mask, you can choose between a hand & arm massage or a lower leg & foot massage.

Finished off with toner, eye-cream, moisturiser and lip balm.

30 minutes £35

1 hour £45

Abdominal massage for women

Abdominal massage

A deep, yet gentle, non-invasive abdominal therapy that releases physical & emotional tension in the abdomen

Using a beautiful and natural women's blend aromatherapy oil containing geranium, frankincense, bergamot & lavender, a range of massage techniques revitalises the digestive and abdominal organs allowing you to reconnect with your body’s natural rhythms


The massage can be done on top of a towel if you prefer

Also includes a demonstration on self-care massage at home

45 minutes £28



I am currently studying Clinical Reflexology at the Complementary Therapy School, Edinburgh. Whilst I am in training, I am offering reduced rate hour-long reflexology sessions to use as case studies and to practise what I am learning

More than just a foot massage, reflexology is based on the idea that the feet are divided into zones within which reflex points lie that directly correspond with systems, organs and glands of the whole body. Areas of energy congestion within the body are unblocked with pressure and strokes on the feet with the aim of bringing the body back into balance naturally.

Normally £35, the treatment

is £20 with £10 of this

donated to Alzheimer Scotland

Pregnancy & post-natal massage coming soon


I am also currently training and doing case studies in pregnancy massage with MamaBabyBliss, an NHS training partner.

Massage can be enjoyed from the 2nd trimester onwards and I hope to be able to offer this from mid-June.

oncology massage

Massage for people living with cancer

Massage that is safely adapted for people currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Prices start from £27

More information and booking

massage oil

Home visits

If you have reduced mobility or are in poorer health massage can be adapted for you and therapy given in your own home.

Prices start from £35

More information and booking

care home massage

Care home massage

On-site massage is available for residents of care homes in central Scotland as part of the wellbeing or activities schedule.

Prices start from £65

More information and booking