Happy Back Stretches

Many of my clients complain of tension and pain in the upper back, shoulders and neck which can be caused by a number of factors. If we are stressed, uptight or anxious, we tend to hold all the tension associated with this in our upper body - hunching our shoulders closer to our ears without even realising!

Long periods of sitting in the same position (especially if you have insufficient back support), if you drive frequently, have poor posture or bad sleeping positions can also cause our upper back to become tense and stiff over time. Let's not forget something that most of us are guilty of and that is overuse of our mobile devices and computers. Have you heard of iPad neck? This is caused by the bending of our heads at an angle that puts too much pressure on our upper spine and neck muscles causing pain in the neck and across the shoulders.

Regular massage therapy helps to keep the back, neck and shoulder muscles supple whilst encouraging the body to release its own natural painkiller, endorphins. Massage is also incredibly relaxing, giving us that little bit of 'me' time that we should all take for our wellbeing and combating any stress or anxiety that we may carry around with us.

In between massages, I recommend that clients do daily stretching of problems areas to keep on top of muscle tension and stiffness, especially in the upper back and shoulders. Here is a link to some easy stretches that can be done whilst you are at work, on the train or sitting at home with a cuppa!

Vicky x

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