Massage Therapy

Holistic massage

Massage tailored to your needs that can help

Improve circulation

Reduce muscle tension

Boost the immune system

Reduce pain


Reduce anxiety and stress 

Improve sleep


Back, neck & shoulders

30 minutes £25

Full body

1 hour 10 minutes £40

Eastern face massage

Also known as a natural    face-lift, this face massage combines very gentle lymphatic drainage massage and acupressure


Regular massage can help the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, help alleviate sinus problems, headaches and other stress-related symptoms


  As a super-relaxing massage, it is fantastic for sleep problems


45 minutes £28

Indian head massage

Using techniques originating in India 4000 years ago, this incredibly relaxing and therapeutic massage starts with an upper back, neck and shoulder massage before relieving deep-seated tension in the head and scalp


The therapy also includes massage to the arms, face and ears

As a seated massage this therapy is ideal for anyone with reduced mobility or unable to lie on their front


50 minutes £30

Holistic facials

A massage experience that will leave you with a visibly radiant complexion and feeling completely relaxed


Using only organic skincare products, your skin will be double-cleansed and exfoliated before receiving a lifting and firming facial massage with nourishing jojoba oil or your choice of a massage oil infused with beautiful essential oils


A clay mask is applied to draw out any impurities, using a hot towel for maximum benefits, whilst you choose from a foot or hand massage. All finished off with toner, eye-cream, moisturiser and lip balm....bliss!


30 minutes £33

1 hour £43

Aromatherapy massage

Using the sense of smell to allow the body to choose what it needs, you will select an aromatic massage oil for your massage to either renew your energy, encourage tranquillity and calm or to detoxify

A holistic experience for the mind, body and soul


Back, neck & shoulders

30 minutes £27

Full body 

1 hour 10 minutes £42

Holistic back facial

A massage and facial experience for your back 


Using only organic skincare products, your back will be double-cleansed and exfoliated before receiving a back, neck and shoulders massage with nourishing jojoba oil


Steam will allow the oil to soak in while you relax with a lower leg and foot massage. All finished off with organic toner and body lotion


1 hour £43

Every Body Massage Therapy

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Limetree House has ample parking, including disabled parking spaces

and a lift if you feel you are unable to manage the stairs

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