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Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

1. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase 

2. Vouchers cannot be used beyond the expiry date on the front of the voucher

3. Vouchers are non-refundable 

4. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for money

5. Vouchers cannot be used for home visits

6. For single therapy vouchers, if a therapy is booked at a value less than the therapy on the voucher, no monetary amount in change to the difference in price will be given 

7. Single therapy vouchers can be changed to a therapy of greater value however the difference in price will need to be paid

8. For monetary value vouchers, if a therapy is booked at a lesser amount than the voucher, no monetary amount in change to the difference in price will be given however the remaining balance on the voucher can be used for any future appointments as long as it is used within the voucher validity period

9. Monetary value vouchers can be used in part payment towards therapies of a greater value

10. Therapies need to be booked in advance. Once you have received your voucher(s), please have your voucher number available when making your booking including online

11. You will need to bring your voucher with you and exchange at your appointment
12. If you lose your voucher, please get in touch as I have a record and copy of all vouchers issued

13. If the voucher is for an under 16, there will need a parent or guardian present for the duration of their appointment(s)

14. Vouchers are subject to Every Body Massage Therapy cancellation policy

15. Loyalty stamps can be collected when using vouchers as payment however loyalty card or any other discounts / special offers cannot be applied 

16. Every Body Massage Therapy reserves the right on all decisions regarding gift vouchers