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ELIM Manicure

ELIM manicure uses state-of-the-art ingredients to treat specific hand care concerns. With beautiful and effective products, this treatment will improve the condition of the skin, treat signs of ageing and leave you will soft and beautiful hands. And of course, completely relaxed!


Taking care of hands

ELIM manicure uses a results-driven system to improve the condition of the skin and actively treats signs of ageing, including UV damage, pigmentation wrinkles and textural concerns. Hands are known to show the first signs of skin conditions, whether that is caused by environmental or hereditary factors. Like faces, beautiful hands comes with daily care, and with the help of an ELIM manicure!

The ELIM manicure treatment

The ELIM manicure is carried out at a manicure desk and takes 45 minutes. The treatment includes a nail and cuticle tidy up with the option to add BioSculpture gel overlays

Spa sanitiser

A beautifully scented spa sanitiser is sprayed over the hands to sanitise 

Nail & cuticle tidy up

Nails and cuticles are tidied up. If you already have gel overlays, acrylics or nail enhancements / sculptures, this step will be missed out

Illuminating nail cleanser

With papaya fruit extract and vitamin C, this nail brightener and exfoliator will brighten and strengthen nails. Crystalline beads from naturally occurring mineral deposits polishes and maintains the pH of the skin. For bare, natural nails only


Hydro-thermal exfoliant

A pH balancing exfoliator is then applied to remove dull, dead skin cells. The unique thermal agent with heating actives will enhance penetration of minerals and anti-ageing actives, leaving hands radiant and polished



A deep cleansing, rich clay mask formulated with 40 ingredients is applied to detoxify, purify, protect, cleanse and hydrate the skin. With ingredients including volcanic ash, honey, maca root, arnica and ginger, this powerful detoxifying mud will lock in moisture, improve circulation and act as an anti-inflammatory

While relaxing with the mud mask, you will receive a mini scalp massage

Aqua soak

Hands are then soaked and cleaned in a warm water bath with a beautiful Biosculpture potpourri aqua soak to soften the skin

Ultra rich hand therapy cream

An ultra rich hydrating hand treatment is applied to restore moisture to dry skin for up to 12 hours and contains amino acids, niacinamide and vitamin E to reduce the signs of ageing

Hand & arm massage

Hands and arms are then given a relaxing and therapeutic massage to ease tension and improve lymphatic flow


Rejuvenating gold spritz

The treatment is completed with a beautifully scented gold spritz spray applied to the hands and lower arms -  a burst of shimmer to beautifully soft and hydrated hands!


Beautiful nails

Why stop at gold spritz? Add on BioSculpture gel overlays for £23 (normally £35) to complete your beautiful hands


BioSculpture is a high-quality gel overlay that is tailored to your nail type and designed to improve nail health

With a range of pre-gel treatments to promote natural nail health, this prescriptive gel manicure gives 3+ weeks of chip-free wear and provides extra strength and support to nails - and the colours are wonderful!

Treatment cost & options


ELIM Manicure 45 minutes - £35

ELIM Manicure & BioSculpture gel overlays

1 hour 30 mins (approx)  - £58

ELIM Manicure & BioSculpture gel overlays with soak off*

1 hour 45 minutes (approx) - £68

*Any overlays, gels, extensions or sculptures applied elsewhere or that are not BioSculpture will not be removed - please check if unsure

Important information

You won't be able to have an ELIM manicure if you:

Currently have any sort of infectious skin condition such as impetigo 

Suffer from sensitive skin

Are using Roaccutane, or under 6 months since stopping the medication

Are using steroid cream on the hands or lower arms

Have eczema or psoriasis on the hands or lower arms

Have sunburn, open cuts or abrasions on the arms or lower arms

Have any allergies to any of the ingredients (Safety Data Sheet below)

Have any unexplained hand, wrist or lower arm swelling

Have had a recent broken bone in the hands or arms (less than 3-6 months)

A full consultation will be carried out before treatment however if you have any questions, please get in touch

ELIM manicure Safety Data Sheet & Ingredients