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Every Body Massage Therapy

Massage for Everyone

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Every Body Massage Therapy

Massage for Everyone

Aftercare advice

Massage will stimulate the body’s natural healing processes by:


Removing tension in muscles

Stimulating the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body

Releasing toxins and stagnant energy

Restoring the balance between the body, mind and soul


After your massage, your body will begin to rid itself of unwanted waste products such as toxins. This is just your body’s natural reaction to the massage and is a vital part of the detoxification process as the body gets itself back into balance.


Because of this you might experience some temporary side effects, sometimes known as the healing process, or healing reaction, particularly following the first massage:


Flu-like symptoms

A brief flare up of an existing condition


Runny nose

Increased urination and/or bowel movements

Increased energy levels

Decreased energy levels

Deeper sleeping


To help keep any effects like this to a minimum, please follow the advice or guidelines that are given as they can aid the body’s cleansing process over the next 24-48 hours:


Drink plenty of water over the next 48 hours

Drink herbal teas instead of normal tea or coffee as it contains caffeine

Keep alcohol and caffeine to a minimum

Rest if you are feeling tired

If you feel energised over the next 48 hours, do not over exert yourself and try to do too much

Follow any advice, stretching etc, you have been given and do them regularly


By following these instructions, you will find that any temporary side effects will soon be over and that you will feel much better than you did before.

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